Phu Quoc open the longest cable car in Hon Thom

05/02/2018 01/01/1970

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On February 4, Kien Giang Provincial People's Committee, Phu Quoc Island District and Sun Group officially launched the 3-wire cable car connecting An Thoi Town with Hon Thom Island.

Being the first and most important item in the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park recreation area, which Sun Group is building on the South Island, the Hon Thom cable car has a total length of more than 7,899m, connecting it from the market. An Thoi island through the Hon Rom island, Hon Dua island to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc travel to bring a new product, scale and unique. With this length, Hon Thom cable car has been recognized by the Guinness World's longest cable car on the opening day.

Phu Quoc khai truong cap treo Hon Thom dai nhat the gioi hinh anh 1
Representative of Guinness TG awarded the longest cable car in the world for Hon Thom cable car.

The cable car system has two terminals, six cable posts, of which the largest is T4 with a height of 174 m. With a design of 69 cabins, each accommodating up to 30 guests, operating at a maximum speed of 8.5 m / s, Hon Thom cable car shortens travel time from An Thoi to Hon Thom. 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes traveling by canoe at sea. Cabins have Wi-Fi, night lighting.

Hon Thom island is quiet, no vibration, no need for conventional rescue system. In bad weather, the system will automatically stop and notify passengers.

Phu Quoc khai truong cap treo Hon Thom dai nhat the gioi hinh anh 2
63/5000 Travel to Hon Thom cable car impresses with pure Vietnamese architecture.

From the cable car, visitors can take in 360-degree views of the beauty of the paradise of the sea, islands, green forests and beaches in the An Thoi Island, Southern Phu Quoc. Stepping down the cable car, visitors will be delighted to enjoy the beauty of Hon Thom with a fine white sand beach, clear jade water jungle pristine forest and the rock is naturally arranged spectacular. Many new marine services and games have been put into operation at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park in the early stages, such as parachute dragging, banana float, coral reef diving, sea walk, kayak ... promising to bring an unforgettable vacation.

Phu Quoc khai truong cap treo Hon Thom dai nhat the gioi hinh anh 3
From the cable car, visitors can see the entire island of jade.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pham Vu Hong, Chairman of Kien Giang People's Committee said: "Phu Quoc tourism has witnessed remarkable changes over the past years as there are big corporations, investors with vision. . Especially, new and attractive tourist products such as the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, which Sun Group invests in today, will be a big hit, bringing new visitors to the island. , diversification of entertainment services to increase the length of stay of visitors to the island.

Mr. Dang Minh Truong, Vice President and General Director of Sun Group said, "Phu Quoc is considered as the pearl of Vietnam tourism with the potential to say that anywhere in the world is comparable. However, the growth rate of Phu Quoc tourism for many years is not worth the potential. In 2017, Phu Quoc welcomed approximately 3 million visitors. Although more than doubled in 2016, but compared to more than 8 million visitors to Phuket every year, the distance is too far. According to Phu Quoc, tourists are less attracted to Phu Quoc by nature, so Phu Quoc tourism does not have a lot of interesting entertainment and service, especially in the South. "

Phu Quoc khai truong cap treo Hon Thom dai nhat the gioi hinh anh 4
Pham Vu Hong, Chairman of Kien Giang People's Committee, said at the event.

"Choosing to invest in this area, Sun Group has brought to Phu Quoc the world-class new resort JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. With the launch of Hon Thom cable car and the first entertainment items of the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, Sun Group hopes to contribute to Phu Quoc tourism with new quality products. The amount and expense of tourists when coming to Ngoc Island, make Nam Phu Quoc become attractive destination with potential, "added Minh Truong.

Representatives of Sun Group also said that there will be more new items in the entertainment community Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park has been put into operation as the sea village with luxuriant fruit gardens hundreds of years old For visitors, pick fruit.

Phu Quoc khai truong cap treo Hon Thom dai nhat the gioi hinh anh 5
Leaders of Phu Quoc Province awarded certificate of merit to donate to the project in the opening ceremony.

Together with other world-class resorts and recreational facilities that have been invested in the South of the island, Sun Group is making an effort to contribute to the changing tourism landscape of the Pearl Islands. employment for local people, promoting the socio-economic development of Phu Quoc.

After the opening ceremony, cable car and entertainment complex Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park will officially welcome guests on February 14, the day of the 29th Lunar New Year.

The launch of new tourism products also shows the determination and vision of leaders and people of Phu Quoc in realizing the desire to make the South Island become the most attractive destination in the region and on. To develop tourism into a spearhead economic sector in line with the guideline set by the Politburo and the Government in Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW.


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