Banh Tet Cat Mat Phu Quoc.

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Banh Tet Cat Mat is an attractive specialty in Phu Quoc that is packed with a leaf of molasses.
Banh Tet Cat Mat is an attractive specialty in Phu Quoc that is packed with a leaf of molasses. Often people use only leaves to clay hat but the Phu Quoc people use this type of cake to pack the cake that makes this cake has a special flavor where no place.

Banh Tet Cat Mat
Mat Cat is a leafy spread like palm leaves, growing on Mount Ham Ninh - the highest mountain in Phu Quoc. First cut the leaves of the dried leaves for mildew so that leaves are long and not torn during the package, then washed and then applied a layer of oil instead of the traditional banana leaves.

Ingredients of Banh Tet Cat Mat


Banh Tet Cat Mat made from the main ingredients are glutinous rice selected carefully to ensure good taste, plasticity and aroma. Once the rice is dry, the bread rollers will prepare the dyed water for the cake, the dye cake is blue color made from cassava leaves and coconut milk. This step to add the cake to the cake after processing is done beautiful blue stimulates the customer.
Banh Tet Cat Mat Phu Quoc

Ingredients are no less important to create the sweetness of the cake is solid. Human made from green beans and less fat.

The package tattoos are really a feat, the package can be known but when actually started this process is difficult to find and require the cleverness of the hands by the face of the narrow to banana leaves. The more handy when the cake is tied by hardwood veins hard rather than plastic strap. The cake is delicious thanks to the technique of tying the rope, tied too tight cake is not ripe, too tight to eat rice cake dough is not good. More difficult is the cake is wrapped in a triangular length of about 30cm so after processing the cake has a beautiful shape different from the bread in the mainland.
After the package is complete, the casserole is placed in a boiling pot for several hours. After the cake is cooked up very attractive, it is difficult to resist.

Enjoy the Banh Tet Cat Mat
Banh Tet Cat Mat
Banh Tet Cat Mat after ripe and sticky, sticky green bean flavor, fatty aroma, pineapple aromatic aroma of pineapple leaves, thermal cooling, prevention and treatment of acne boiled with water.
Phu Quoc travel to visit Duong Dong Market or Phu Quoc night market, visitors see the pie is sold everywhere. Phu Quoc cakes impressed by the triangular shape, when the cake is light green color that many people called jade green. If you have the opportunity to Phu Quoc, do not miss this dish.

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