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Road 30/4, Kp1 Dong Duong, Phu Quoc Kien Giang Thị trấn Dương Đông, Huyện Phú Quốc, Tỉnh Kiên Giang - 02973702929

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The land of Kien Giang is known for the beauty of Phu Quoc, which is known as Heavenly land, is the Pearl Island of Vietnam. This is one of the famous resort paradise known to domestic and foreign tourists. Welcome to the presence of tourists is the capital of Phu Quoc island district - Duong Dong town. Here, famous for the largest fishing port of Phu Quoc with many beautiful sights such as Dinh Cau, Sung Hung Temple, Duong Dong Market. And after discovering the beauty of this place then visitors do not forget to enjoy the taste of cuisine typical of the island. One of the reliable dining places in Phu Quoc is the Song Xanh Restaurant. The restaurant is built on an area of ​​1.200m2, located at 30/4 Street, Quarter 1, Duong Dong Town, beside the romantic Duong Dong River. Located right in the center of Duong Dong Town, convenient transportation will help visitors to relax, visit and work.  The restaurant meets the criteria of tourism, designed three floors with airy space and close to nature. The restaurant has spacious banquet rooms with capacity of about 500 guests, so it is also a suitable place to hold important events such as: Festival, Birthday, Wedding, Meeting, Group ... Come to Song Xanh Restaurant you will enjoy fresh seafood dishes, dishes Asia - Asia as the requirements of customers and the wild dishes of coastal fishermen to the dishes of the. Phu Quoc. All of them are processed through our experienced chef team, ensuring that the customers will be satisfied with the most fastidious diners. Especially when stop at the restaurant, guests will enjoy the dishes are our own characteristics such as Salad Green Green River, fried rice cakes and mushrooms hot pot Green River ....          In addition to food, the restaurant also organizes activities such as spiritual singing, singing, Karaoke at the request of you. With reasonable price and service style dedicated, thoughtful staff of young, dynamic. Song Xanh Restaurant believes that will meet all your requirements when you come to us.

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Cuisines: Seafood Hot pot and grilled

Average Price / People: 350,000đ

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Road 30/4, Kp1 Dong Duong, Phu Quoc Kien Giang Thị trấn Dương Đông, Huyện Phú Quốc, Tỉnh Kiên Giang


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